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Record everything that happens on the road and avoid unnecessary scares.

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Peace of mind
No more "your word against theirs": you will have the proof of what happened, recorded with great clarity.
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About Car Watch Pro

  • You will always have evidence of anything that happens to you on the road and, so that there is no doubt, with total clarity.
  • Thanks to its motion sensor, which is activated only when necessary, you can keep an eye on your vehicle when it is parked.
  • You will never run out of storage space, since, in addition to the possibility of downloading the recordings to other devices, the camera supports large memory cards.
  • Record in the dark. Nighttime car journeys or dark environments are no longer an obstacle.
There are still more advantages!

Main advantages:

HD camera 
HD camera to record everything that happens on the road. Protect your car!  
Extra protection for your family!
Reach the places that your mirrors can't. Extra protection for your family!
1080 Full HD
1080 Full HD and wide angle quality for total vision.
Motion sensor and integrated microphone
Motion sensor and integrated microphone make this the best camera on the market!
Continuous loop video
It records in a loop without any problems. Everything will be recorded without a single second being filtered out.
The perfect gift for family and friends!


Does it look good in the dark?
Yes, it records in the dark without any problems.
Is it available in German?
Yes, and in English, Russian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.
Can it be rotated without detaching it?
Yes, perfectly.
Are there any offers available?
Yes, there’s a 50% off launch promotion.
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The Best Option on the Market

Buy now 50% off and FREE delivery!
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